Alive with Hope

At Calvary Community Church we dream of being a people alive with hope.
Our dream and desire is not a flippant idea or a lofty logo we stamp onto our stationary.  We really believe and desire to see you, our community, our world, alive with hope.


Alive, living and vibrant, our community of faith has many parts to it. The people in our faith community are the limbs and organs which compose our body.  This body lives and breathes, its health is determined by our faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.


Hope, our hope is in the Jesus Christ, it is not an intangible and fleeting hope. The many aspects of the church’s presence through community work and aid, as well as missions around the globe, bring Christ, the hope of glory in us, to the world in a real and authentic way. Yes, hope is in our community of faith, and the message of Jesus Christ is the hope that is available to you.  He is available to everyone.