Calvary Community Church is a mission-minded church.  It designates 10% of the general budget to missions, as well as accepts designated funds from members to the missions' fund.  The Partner's fund (5% of the general budget) is, in part, used to help missionary projects here in Canada and overseas.

Where does the money go?

The available funds to missions are distributed in three equal (approximately) ways - one-third to missionary work overseas, one-third to missionary work in Canada and one-third to National workers.

The Missionary Servant Council meets once per month to pray for supported missionaries, to administer funds, to follow up on issues and needs, and interview candidate missionaries.  Our supported missionaries (some from CCC) are serving in many countries of the world.

What about Short-Term Missions?

Part of the missions' fund is designated to the Short Term Missions Fund - supporting young adults and young people from CCC who desire to go to the mission field for up to two years.
Returning missionaries, whether short term or long term are encouraged to report about their mission at our semi-annual "Mission Extravaganza" and in the Sunday morning services.
Calvary Community Church has supported the Edmonton MissionFest since its inception.
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