Online Ministries

SonLight Kids - Grade 1-6

At 2 pm on Sundays, SonLight kids meet on ZOOM! Click here to download.
We send out an email to all families ahead of time with a craft, coloring sheet or associated activity to go along with the lesson.
We start with a couple of songs from Youtube and then have an object lesson or similar to introduce the Bible Story.  There are questions and the kids can participate with answers.
After the Bible Story we discuss life applications, review memory verses, and more!

For more information, please contact Marilyn Kaz by clicking here.


Ardent Youth Group

For youth we are currently engaging teens online, both playing games together and going deeper with our conversations. Keeping the youth community alive at CCC is very important to us! If you have any questions, please contact Josiah Olmos by clicking here.



Women's Sanity Saver

We often face circumstances that we cannot change: a job we are forced to keep; a relationship that did not work out; a decision we cannot take back. In this 8 session series, Laurie Polich Short reveals how even if we can’t change our circumstances, we can still make a change in our life by the way we see it. With the help of 4 “lenses”, she shows how to access God’s perspective on our circumstances, which can impact the way we live.

“The eye is the lamp of the body, if the eye is good then the whole body will be full of light.” (Matt 6:22). Your perspective has more power than you think to determine the course of your life.

These will be a 8 week course. To join, email Dawn Eisentrager by clicking here.


Sunday Discussion

Rick and Joie Shapcott host a Sunday evening small group that focuses on discussing the message that was shared earlier that day. This is hosted online through a program called ZOOM.
If you have any question, comments, or something the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart, this is the perfect place to share.

Or maybe you happened upon our Sunday morning live stream, and you're not sure what all this "Christianity" is all about. We'd love to answer any questions relating to what you heard that morning.

For more information, or to join this small group, please contact Joie Shapcott by clicking here.


Prayer Ministry Online - Encounter

Our Prayer Coordinator, Tammy Saunders, runs an online prayer ministry gathering called Encounter. This runs through ZOOM, 7:15-8:30am on Tuesday mornings. This also occurs online on the evenings of the first and third Tuesday of the month, at 7pm.

This includes prayer for the sick, prayer for those who have lost loved ones during this time, prayer for peace, and any prayer requests you may have during this time.

If you would like to join, please email Tammy by clicking here.


Social Media

We know more people are spending time on social media than ever before.

That could be a bad thing, or a good thing! If you want weekly encouragements, personal updates from pastors, links to encouraging blogs during this pandemic, and more, check out our social media pages on Instagram, and Facebook. Click any of the links at the bottom of the page to take you to our various social media pages!