Pastor OJ Zerbin

Pastor OJ Zerbin is the lead pastor at Calvary Community Church, and he heads up the Senior Team. OJ’s philosophy on ministry is that it first begins with your personal relationship with God and then has to be put into practice at home in your family.  Pastor OJ can be reached by email by clicking here or get a hold of him through his office extension, 381.

He sees his six children, one son-in law, and two daugher-in laws as a wonderful blessing from the Lord. They have been blessed with two granddaughters and one grandson thus far and are looking forward to many more grandchildren in the future. He is blessed to see all of his children actively serving the Lord. His passion for his family and for the congregation is that each one would grow into the full potential that God has for them.

His Story

He grew up on a farm outside of Edmonton where he developed a strong work ethic which he carries with him in how he approaches ministry. After studying Administrative Management at NAIT he joined the Edmonton Police Service in his early 20′s. It is at that time he started attending Calvary and began wooing his wife Barb. They married and began having children a few years later. After serving 12 yrs in various roles in the police service he transitioned into business. He pioneered several businesses as well as working in the corporate setting in marketing management. His combination of policing and business experience have given him a unique combination of insights and skill sets to effectively connect with the different demographic groups in society. He is equally comfortable serving in a downtown mission or presenting to a group of corporate executives.

While being involved at Calvary since the late 70′s serving in various volunteer roles he completed his theological studies. He served on the pastoral team parttime for a number of years before he joined the pastoral staff full time in 2001.


O.J. desires to lead the church deeper in prayer and personal application of biblical principles resulting in transformation both of our own lives and our community. He believes that the local church when it is functioning as Christ has intended it to function, is the greatest place on earth and the practical hope for a broken and hurting society. That is why he serves in the local church and desires that Calvary be a safe place for you to both heal and grow in an authentic way.

Around the office OJ can be found laughing and making jokes, besides this he leads the pastoral team and provides vision and direction to the daily operation of the church. Preaching and teaching on Sundays, as well as the many ministry responsibilities and meetings with various people from the community and church during the week keep him on his toes.

Pastor Bev. Sesink

Serving at Calvary for over 22 years, Bev oversees and partners with staff/volunteers in a number of church and community ministries which provide pastoral care (care to the spirit, soul, and body). This includes Life Communities (small groups), Freedom Session: Inner Healing ministry, Benevolent Fund (which provides limited financial assistance), Food and Clothing Banks (which provides food hampers and good quality clothing), our Women’s Care ministry (individual and couple counseling), Feed My Sheep meal program, our Sunday Fellowship Ministry, etcetera. In addition to this, he is part of Calvary’s three person Senior Pastoral Team which oversees the day to day running of our church ministry. You can email him by clicking here get a hold of him through his office extension, 388.

Individually, and with his wife Mandy, he ministers to individuals, and couples, experiencing serious personal and relationship challenges. Mandy works as a Parent Educator in the Parents as Teachers program of the Family Futures Resource Centre. This involves supporting parents in their parenting journey. She also ministers in prayer care and counseling to people working through a variety of life challenges. She is knowledgeable and experienced in the area of trauma and recovery.

Pastor Doug Zieber

Pastor Doug steps into the role of Pastor of Church Ministries after a varied background that includes: Project Management, Construction, Computers/IT, Christian School Administration, Advertising, and Youth Ministry. He holds both his Bachelor of Theology degree (Magna Cum Laude) from Portland Bible College as well as his Project Management Professional designation from the Project Management Institute. You can email him by clicking here or get a hold of him through his office extension, 386.

His role is to provide the overall administrative structure and leadership to the daily operations of Calvary Community Church and Millwoods Christian School Society under the direction and delegation of the Lead Pastor and governance of the Board of Elders.

Together Doug and Tina, his wife of 31 years, are involved in Pre-Marital and Prayer ministry, as well as other teaching opportunities and Tina is a key part of the women's ministry team, leading a weekly ladies' Bible study and assisting with women's counselling.

Outside of the ministry, Doug also serves on two different political boards.

They have 3 grown children and one wild grandchild. They are excited about their next grandchild in the near future and are passionate about seeing people's lives changed.



Pastor Nathan Zieber

Pastor Nathan Zieber oversees Young Adult Ministry and the Information Technology infrastructure at Calvary Community Church. As well as the former Creative Director for CCC, he has a heart to walk with young adults through the ups and downs of life as they find their place in God's calling. Pastor Nathan believes it's key for believers to know that the Church is not a physical building, but a body of believers that are redeemed day by day, called into the world. You can email him by clicking here or get a hold of him through his office extension, 387.

He and his wife, Hannah Zieber, have a son named Adian, which means "fiery one", and they are expecting their second this fall! Pastor Nathan also enjoys a variety of hobbies from carpentry, coding, to prop making and hunting!


Bruce & Renate


Bill & Lynn


Byron & Angela


Dennis & Claudia

Associate Treasurer

Rafael & Greta

Chair of Prayer

Caleb & Leah

Ministry Directors

Marilyn & Barry

Director of Children's Ministry, ext 380


Director of Youth Ministry, ext 387

Paul & Dawn

Pastor of Seniors' Ministry

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Director of Worship & Tech

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Creative Director, ext 395

Support Staff:

Joie Shapcott - Administrative Assistant, Facility Reservations, ext 389

Rob Guetre - Facility Manager, ext 398

Crystal Martinez - Pre-School, ext 377 or 378

Sherry Ramcharan- Head Accountant, ext 385

Dahlia Braucht - Office and Accounting Assistant, ext 384

Valerie Weatherly - Out of School Care, ext 383

Barb Zerbin - Women's Care Coordinator, ext 382