Ardent is an awesome youth ministry passionate about this generation’s calling for the Kingdom of God.

Every Wednesday Night. 7-9pm.
Come out and be “ReCharged” emotionally, spiritually and physically! Students enjoy a great night of hanging out, cutting edge teaching and deep discipleship in both the large group and in small groups. This event happens every week and it’s always free!

Once a month. Friday Night. 7-10pm.
A night for craziness and relationship building! Once a month we’ll “Xperience” something amazing, this is a great event to invite your friends to! Check our website or FB for details and cost.

Our main weekend event a year is an amazing time to experience God’s creation. Watch our website or FB for details and cost on these weekends.


The 2 Youth Directors are Josiah Olmos & Samuel Mejia, assisted by Brittani Zieber. We are also blessed to have over 13 passionate volunteer youth leaders that genuinely love youth and love being involved in their journeys. All youth leaders must pass an interview as well must submit a criminal check along with a child welfare check before volunteering at Ardent.

  • Josiah Olmos (Director) (Gr. 12 Boys)
  • Sam Mejia (Director) (Gr. 11 Boys)
  • Brittani Zieber (Executive Assistant)  (Gr. 11&12 Girls)
  • Brianna Adams & Kaitlin Braucht (Gr. 7 Girls)
  • Joseph Lindeberg & Brett Meeberg (Gr. 7 Boys)
  • Josh Rayment &  Ben Vanderlinden   (Gr. 8 Boys)
  • Dahlia Braucht & Colleen Robertson (Gr. 8 Girls)
  • Morgan Braucht & Christine Vanderlinden (Gr. 9 & 10 Girls)
  • Radek R. & Zach Rayment (Gr. 9 & 10 Boys)
  • Sam Mejia & Jacob Rackel (Gr.11 Boys)