We have two youth directors with a administrative assistant. Sam Mejia and Josiah Olmos oversee and direct Ardent Youth Ministry, while Brittani Zieber helps sort things out and push stuff around administratively. We are also blessed to have over 15 passionate volunteer youth leaders that genuinely love youth and love being involved in their journeys. All youth leaders must pass an interview and as well must submit a criminal check along with a child welfare check before volunteering at Ardent.

Youth Leaders

  • Josiah Olmos (Director)
  • Sam Mejia (Director)
  • Brittani Zieber (Administrative Assistant)
  • Marika Ibbotson (Gr. 7-8 Girls)
  • Patrick Robertson (Gr.10 Boys)
  • Dahlia Braucht (Gr.7-8 Girls)
  • Morgan Braucht (Gr. 9 Girls)
  • Radek R. (Gr.8-9 Boys)
  • Joie Shapcott (Gr.10-12 Girls)
  • Rick Shapcott (Gr.11 & 12 Boys)
  • Josh Rayment (Gr.7 Boys)
  • Ben Vanderlinden (Gr.7 Boys)
  • Christine Vanderlinden  (Gr. 9 Girls)
  • Danny Sucaria (Gr.10 Boys)

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